Walking the Neckarsteig

Travel doesn't necessarily mean that one has to go far away. Sometimes you just have to step out of your door and start walking. Even if you're just running away from someone, sooner or later you end up traveling.

Research in Jordan

My job as a physicist brought me to Jordan for the first time in 2010. Accompanying a colleague of mine who did his PhD thesis about groundwater there, we traveled the country and worked there for a month in 2010 and again another month in 2012.

Sailing in Greece

Two weeks of sailing the Saronic gulf in Greece, starting in Athens. Kind of a vacation, but just not exactly that: I was there as the hired photographer for Join the Crew, the company organizing these cruises. What a wonderful job that was, actually.

Exploring Istanbul

A week of walking through Istanbul in 2012, together with my girlfriend (back then) and three friends, exploring this beautiful and diverse city.

Hiking with Nanon

Two years in a row, my girlfriend at the time and I hiked with a donkey, Nanon, in the french Alps near Grenoble. A beautiful experience that I wouldn't want to miss in the world! Just the two of us, a tent and Nanon.

Exploring Cambodia

When the chance arose in 2016 to visit a friend staying in Phnom Penh, I, even though usually fairly content to roam around in Europe, took the chance and went to Asia for the first time.